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Global Issues

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Any of the resources listed below that require a login use the username and password on the back side of your ID card.


Reference (Background Information):

World Book Online


Subscription Databases:


EBSCO ebooks

EBSCO History Reference Center

Proquest History Study Center

SIRS Issues Researcher



Recommended Internet Sources:

CIA World Factbook - Statistics about geography, people, government, economy, communications, transportation,and military for global nations.

US Dept. of State: Bilateral Relations Fact Sheets  Historical and current relationships with the U.S. Links to much additional government information sources.

BBC News: Country Profiles - Includes  history, politics and economic background of countries and territories. Also audio and video clips from BBC archives.

The Library of Congress – Country Studies This U.S. site provides a description of the political, economic, and social insititutions of countries of the world.

Nationmaster contains an encyclopedia of nations of the world, contains country profiles, and a graph producer which can produce charts, scatterplots, and pie charts.



Global Issues.org

Democracy Index 2012

Freedom in the World 2013

Global Issues Gateway


World News:

 World Press.Org
The web site of the respected World Press Review provides summaries of international viewpoints on current issues, including how the rest of the world views the United States. Search by country name or issue.
World Newspaper Map
Identified by language.  Links to newspapers included.


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