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Library Assistants Spring 2014

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Book Trailers:

The last project for the semester is your book trailer.  Make time to preview some of the best by librarian, Naomi Bate.  Take a look at the book trailers past library assistants have created as well.

You have the option of using Moviemaker,  Animoto  (to set up your account use code a4epowe11ba77)or VoiceThread . Moviemaker is in your Novell delivered applications.  Moviemaker has more options than PhotoStory including allowing you to manipulate your slides in many ways, adding multiple audiotracks, and it allows you to add video clips.  For extra instructions on how to use Moviemaker, click here. Please do not feel restricted to these three technologies. You may use others as long as they meet the criteria defined in the rubric.  Please okay your choice of technology tools with me before using other than Moviemaker, Animoto or Voicethread.


  •  There are two initial assignments that you need to complete in MyConnect before your first draft is due.  First, on the Book Trailer Discussion board, let us know what technology tool you will be using to create your book trailer.  Second, create a storyboard for your trailer.  You will need to to print copies of the storyboard (or you can find some blank copies in the TA binder). Then complete the storyboard indicating the text and type of photo you are considering for each slide or video segment.  Scan (we have a scanner in the library) or take a picture of your completed storyboard and embed it in your Book Trailer Discussion.  This should be completed by Dec. 16. The two assignments are worth 35 points.


  • The first draft of the  book trailer is worth 100 points. The rubric outlines the point distribution. The first draft needs to be uploaded to your wiki page (see links below) by Jan 6.  Since there seems to be problems viewing the rubric.  I printed a couple and they are in the TA folder.


  • On lab days, Jan. 7/8  you will need to review each of your fellow library assistants' book trailers (including our 2nd semester TAs- Jordan and Kelsey).  You will post two positive comments and 3 ways the trailer could be improved.  The peer review is worth 20 points for each book trailer you comment on for a total of 100 points.  Please add your name to your comments so that I can give you points in your grades.


  • You have until your finals day to revise and add to your wiki page your final book trailer.  Please make sure that the final book trailer and the first draft are both on the page.  The final draft is worth 100 points and will be graded based on how you improved the trailer from the first draft as well as the rubric guidelines.



This week  you will start to find pictures for use in your project. These photos must be copyright accessible (use the Creative Commons Search or other means of finding  images that you can modify, adapt or build upon.) For other sources of copyright friendly pictures and audio, try http://www.phslib.com/information-literacy/images-audio.  Remember you will need to credit all photos and audio you use in your book trailers, I suggest you keep track of the URLs for your pictures by adding it to your pictures properties summary after you save your picture (to find out exactly how to do this see Naomi Bates explanation). Your book trailer should have an audio track, that will need to be cited.  You may only use 30 seconds of a copyrighted song.  I suggest you choose your track from some of the copyright friendly recommendations on the library website http://www.phslib.com/information-literacy/images-audio. If you would like to try KillerTracks, I have the username and password in the front of the TA binder.


For more help and resources check out:

If you find other resources that might help your fellow library assistants, please feel free to add them to this wiki page.


Library Assistants Pages:

Post you Draft book trailer above your About Me PhotoStory. 


Kelsey L









Watch the brief how to video below if you need  help posting it.


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