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Civil Rights

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Mr. McKee's Top Three:

ABC-CLIO       EBSCO Biography Reference Center          Gale Biography in Context



  • Wikipedia:  Please use it with care.  Verify the facts.  Do not cite from it in your papers.
  • World Book Online:  Good starting place for most research.  K-12 PUSD resource. Login with username and password on back of ID card.  Citation information at bottom of all articles.  Primary Source Documents, pictures and weblinks available.



  • Search the library catalog using keywords:    Thurgood Marshall, 1950s, Little Rock, Jim Crow, etc.. 'Explore more' to locate subject headings for a more precise search. 
    • To find the book in the library, write down the call number, the title and check availability.
    • Library books can be checked out for 2 weeks.  If you need them longer you may renew online by logging into the catalog with your novell login, go to the My Info tab and click renew next to your library book.
    • Overdue library book fines are 10 cents per day, so please renew.
  • Reference Books  These are all multiple volume sets. They may be checked out overnight (or over a weekend). Use the index or table of contents to access information. Some of the most useful for the Civil Rights era are listed by Call Number below.


    Reference Room

    Civil Rights Recommendations:
    Ref 306 Social
    Ref 305.8 Eng
    Ref 973.923 USA
    Citation Example: Citation Example: Citation Example:
    Paino, Troy D. "The Civil Rights Movement." Social History of the United States: The 1960s. Santa Barbara: ABC- CLIO, 2009. 1-64. Print. Engelbert, Phillis. "The Civil Rights Act of 1964." American Civil Rights Almanac. Vol. 1. Detroit: UXL, 1999. 83-86. Print. "SNCC". U.S.A. Sixties. Vol. 6. Danbury: Grolier, 2001. 34-37. Print.

















Ref 323.1 Encyclopedia
Ref 305.8 Racial
Ref 973.9 American
Ref 973.9 American
Citation Example:
Citation Example:
Citation Example:
Citation Example:
Jeffries, Judson L. "Seale, Bobby." Encyclopedia of Civil Rights in America. Eds. David Bradley and Shelley Fisher Fishkin. Vol. 3.  Armonk: Sharpe, 1998. 788-789. Print.
 Racial and Ethnic Relations in America. Eds. Carl L Bankston III, et al.  Vol. 1. Pasadena: Salem, 2000. 197. Print.
American Decades: 1950-1959. Ed. Richard Layman. Detroit: Gale, 1994.  Print.
American Decades Primary Sources: 1960-1969. Ed. Cynthia Rose. Detroit: Gale, 2004. Print..



















Reference Books are also available online via Gale (you will need to login with username on the back of your ID card):

Americans at War

American Decades     American Decades Primary Sources    

Bowling, Beatniks, and Bell-Bottoms: Pop Culture of 20th-Century American  

Government, Politics and Protest: Essential Primary Sources

Human and Civil Rights:  Essential Primary Sources

Social History of the United States 





Includes American Government, American History, Daily Life Through History, Issues, Pop Culture Universe, World at War. World Geography and World History..  Search the databases one at a time or all at once.   Citation information available for articles.   Login with username and password on your ID card.



Another good choice for history information. Login using the username and password on the back of your ID card.

Remember to click on to get to the PHS selected databases.


Covers ancient history to present, includes primary sources, multimedia, journals and reference materials.  International in scope. 20th century. U.S. oriented. 

Citation example:

Carafano, James Jay. "West Point at War: Officer Attitudes and the Vietnam War 1966-72." Journal of Popular Culture 21.4 (7 June 1996): 25. History Study Center. Web. 25 Jan. 2010.<http://www.historystudycenter.com>.

Citation example:

Stoddard, Lothrop. "Should the Negro Be Encouraged to Cultural Equality?" Forum Oct. 1927: 510-519. Sirs Decades. Web. 10 May 2009. <http://decades.sirs.com>.









We have expanded our subscription to the EBSCO databases.  It now includes a History, Biography  and eBooks database that might be helpful in your research.  There is an amalgamated search feature in the Ebscohost Research Databases.  You will need to search the Biography and ebooks separately.   


Salem History





Salem Press, a book publisher has made much of it's reference books (including The Fifties in America and The Sixties in America) available online. Once you are at the site, click on the Remote Login tab and enter the PHS database password.  You will need to register to send or save articles and citations but this is a quick and easy process. 




FactCite has three databases that might help with this assignment: Biography for Beginners, American History and Defining Moments in U.S. History (this one contains many primary sources).  All resources are easy to read and contain MLA citations.  There is a search box at the top of the page that allows you to search all databases at once.






Powersearch across multiple databases. Narrow down your results by looking at the Subject headings or doing an Advanced Search with boolean logic. Gale has an exceptional biography resource, Biography in Context.


Internet Sources

Library of Congress -  The Library of Congress has many collections. Do a powersearch and then narrow it down by media type (photos, websites, audio transcripts, books, etc.)

     Sample Citation:  "Thurgood Marshall." America's Story. Lib. of Cong., 2000. Web. 17 Mar. 2014.
     <http://www.americaslibrary.gov/aa/marshallthrgd/ aa_marshallthrgd_subj.html>.


MLA Citation Help

  •      Writing with Style (PUSD writing manual)
  •      Noodletools (districtwide subscription for creating citations, works cited, electronic notes and outlines)






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