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APUSH Research

Page history last edited by Katherine Powell 7 years, 8 months ago

Wiki Intro

This wiki is meant to be a collaborative work between the APUSH student researchers and the PHS teacher librarian. Please let me know if there are links you  have found useful and think should be added.  Thank you prizes are always awarded to those researchers that submit plum sources.



  • Wikipedia:  Please use it with care.  Verify the facts.  Do not cite from it in your papers.
  • World Book Online:  Good starting place for most research.  K-12 PUSD resource. Login with username and password on back of ID card.  Citation information at bottom of all articles.  Primary Source documents are now located under the Related Information tab where weblinks are also often provided.


  • Search the library catalog using keywords, colonies, 1920s, racism, immigration, women. 'Explore more' to locate subject headings for a more precise search.  
  • If we do not have a book on your topic, please click here and let us know.


EBSCO ebooks

In support of the APUSH book requirement we have subscribed to EBSCO ebooks.  All may be downloaded to phones or other devices.  You will need to login to EBSCO with the username and password on the back of your ID card.  Type in your topic in the search box below.

EBSCO ebooks


Public and Academic Libraries Circuit

Students with a public library card can borrow books from UCSD, USD, CSUSM, SDSU by searching and requesting on the Circuit catalog. Students may only request books that state the are "AVAILABLE".  Please remember you will need to allow time for these books to be delivered to your local public library.  If you do not have a public library card you can apply online and use your confirmation number to reserve books and use their databases for up to a month or until you pick up your actual card.

Instructions from SDPL on how to use Circuit.


San Diego County Libraries belong to a group of California and Nevada libraries that share books. You can look at their catalog, Link+ and request items if you have a county library card.



Reference Books:

Reference Print History Encyclopedias- These are all multiple volume sets.  They may be checked out overnight (or over a weekend). Use the index or table of contents to access information. Some of the most comprehensive are listed by Call Number below.




Album of American History          



 Reference Room


Ref 973 Adams Ref 973 Annals Ref 973 Hakim Ref 973 Life Ref 973.03 Encyclopedia Ref 973.9 American
Citation Example: Citation Example: Citation Example: Citation Example: Citation Example: Citation Example:
Hopkins, J.G.E., ed. Album of American History.  Vol. 5, Scribner's, 1960, pp. 86-89. 


Ewing, Stephen. "The Mocker of American Divorce." Harpers Monthly, July 1928.  The Annals of America. Vol. 14,  Encyclopedia Britannica, 1976, pp. 577-583.


Hakim, Joy. "Mom, Did You Vote?" A History of US. 3rd ed., Vol. 9, Oxford UP, 2003. pp. 29-33.
May, Ernest and the Eds. of Time-Life Books. The Life History of the United States: Boom and Bust. Vol. 10, Time-Life, 1974, pp. 102-103.
Zorea, Aharon W. " Marriage." Encyclopedia of American History. Eds. Donald T. Critchlow and Gary B. Nash, Vol. X, Facts on File, 2003.
"Prohibition and the Temperance Movement." American Decades: 1900-1909. Ed. Vincent Tompkins, Gale, 1996, pp. 277-278.


Reference Books Available online via Gale (you will need to login with username on the back of your ID card):

American Civil War Reference Library

American Decades     American Decades Primary Sources     Americans at War  

Bowling, Beatniks, and Bell-Bottoms: Pop Culture of 20th-Century American      

Development of the Industrial U.S. Reference Library

Encyclopedia of Multicultural America

Essential Primary Sources Series    

Great Depression and the New Deal Reference Library   

Social History of the United States

U.S. Immigration and Migration Reference Library



All require that you login with the username and password found on the back of your ID card.

If you locate an article on one of our databases that is not available fulltext and you need a copy of the fulltext, please let us help.  Email the citation to kpowell@powayusd.com.  Most of the time we can locate the fulltext of the article for you.


Britannica's Annals of American History

Britannica's Original Sources

All primary source documents and multimedia.

Annals is difficult to search, browse by time period if keywords don't work.  Citation information available for both.




We subscribe currently to three social science Proquest databases.  A brief description of each follows:




Issues Researcher


Covers ancient history to present, includes primary sources, multimedia, journals and reference materials.  International in scope. An electronic subscription resource containing primary source and reference content from the 20th century.
"Delivers the content, context and connections for research and analysis of the Leading Issues surrounding the most debated and protracted world conflicts today." Primary source documents, web links and amazing charts and graphs.

Citation example:

Carafano, James Jay. "West Point at War: Officer Attitudes and the Vietnam War 1966-72." Journal


of Popular Culture, vol. 21, no. 4 , 1996, pp. 102-104.  Proquest History Study Center.

Citation example:

Stoddard, Lothrop. "Should the Negro Be Encouraged to Cultural Equality?" Forum, Oct. 1927, pp. 510-19. Proquest Sirs Decades.

Citation example:

"Basque Separatism." The Guardian. 23 Mar 2006, p. 18. Proquest SIRS Issues Researcher.







Eight history databases including American History, World at War, World History: The Modern Era, and World GeographyDaily Life Through History, American Government, Pop Culture Universe and  Issues.  Keyword search, browse by eras and unique Analyze feature.  Primary sources, multimedia and reference. MLA citations.




Powersearch across multiple databases. Narrow down your results by looking at the Subject headings or doing an Advanced Search with boolean logic.


Academic OneFile is the comprehensive research database Gale provides to colleges and universities.  Peer reviewed, scholarly journals dominate this database. 

Search with specific keywords, limit to full-text and review article type in your results.  Can be added to a powersearch. 

Biography in Context has also been added this year to our Gale subscriptions.









We have expanded our subscription to the EBSCO databases.  It now includes a History and Biography database that might be helpful in your research.  There is an amalgamated search feature called EBSCOhost Super Search.  You will need to search the Biography database separately.

EBSCO is the most widely used publisher of academic databases.


Salem History






Salem Press, a book publisher has made much of it's reference books available online. Once you are at the site, click on the Remote Login tab and enter the PHS database password.  You will need to register to send or save articles and citations but this is a quick and easy process. 


Internet Resources


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