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Expos Presentations

Page history last edited by Katherine Powell 6 years, 1 month ago

What follows are examples of Web 2.0 presentation technologies.  All are free although most require registration with an email address.  When using these technologies remember that your work may be available on the internet for anyone to see. 

To see pros and cons about each and many other Web 2.0 tools visit teachweb2.



4/1/2013  Edu Glogster is requesting a school code.  Use 41G263 or 15F19A.  I am working on having glogster.com unblocked so that you can use it instead.

3/26/12 Use IE not Firefox.  Works better for Flash.  May need to override.

Create an online poster with images, video, audio and hyperlinks.


Ms. Roy's Expos p.1(2012) Kicking It glog by Jocelyn, Kiara, Jessica, Tyler and Darren.

Click on the pink glogster label in the top right  and choose 'view full size' for a better display.


Happy glog by Christy Thompson's group (Roy 2013)


Wagenvelds's Food Project Glog

Basic how to presentation for Glogster:

How to Glog Reasons to use (from Roy's per. 1 & 4): free, web based, eco-friendly (no ink or paper), can incorporate text, music and video.  


Voice Thread:  

Online media album that can hold essentially any type of media (images, documents and videos) and allows people to make comments.  Below is a Voice Thread by a college professor about The Things They Carried. Also a link to one about our library.


Senior Project Descriptions from the class of 2014


About our Library Voice Thread


More Voice Thread examples


How to Voice Thread in 1 minute


Reasons to use (from Roy's per. 1 & 4): free, web-based, can incorporate images, videos, documents, audio, can have an entire group discussion on one page, allows commenting via mic, phone, text, audio file and webcam, permits drawing on slides while commenting.


GoAnimate :

Simple cartoon making.  Please when you GoAnimate, check your spelling.


Tommy and Tina Titans Summer 2011 by kpowell on GoAnimate


How to GoAnimate Videos


Interview with GoAnimate creator Alvin Hung on why he created GoAnimate.


Reasons to use (from Roy's per. 1 & 4): free, fun, creative way to get point across, can synchronize sounds with scenes, capable of conveying emotion and data, easy for beginners.




Create slide shows with music.  Spiral slide show and ability to add questions and answers.

The book trailer below is by Westlake High School Library Assistant, Natalia Malesa.


Exit Through the Gift Shop by Ms. Roy's Expos p. 5




Good Hair by Ms. Roy's Expos




Ms Powell's PhotoPeach on the New Gale Interface


Tip:  Must email link to those you would like to view or embed in blog/wiki/webpage.


Reasons to use (from Roy's per. 1 & 4): free, web based, can select from their music- no copyright concerns, upload pictures from many sites and your computer, add captions and transitions, add quizzes, post comments, spiral format available, easy to share.




Present in a nonlinear way.  Zooming presentation tool.  

Examples from Ms. Roy's Expos classes:

Planet Earth: Oceans prezi by Kyle, Sarah, Sherin, Sabrina and Daniel.

Grizzly Man prezi by Erin, Brooke, Lauren, Colby and Alyssa.

The Cove by Lenny Lau's group (Roy 2013):

More prezi examples:

Unmistaken Child by Theresa, Shelby, Camille, George and Adam.

Super Science Spectacular by Julie, Andie and Chris.


Learn Prezi


Reasons to use (from Roy's per. 1 & 4): free, web based, zoom in, zoom out and tilt with a dynamic punch, can incorporate images, videos, sound, charts.


Webdoc (now Urturn):

Similar to Glogster but interactive.  Include images, videos, sound, polls, and all kinds of apps. You can even embed a powerpoint.

Use with Firefox.  Requires a newer version of IE than we have on student computers.

A how to Webdoc:

webdoc in action from Webdoc on Vimeo.


Webdoc tips


Ms. Powell's sample Webdoc:


Simple Booklet:

This is an easy and fun way to publish your work. You can include video, pictures, music and text.

Ms. Powell's example

Check out this Simplebooklet


Super High Me example by Ms. Roy's Expos students

For a basic overview of SimpleBooklet and some examples visit Diane Rees Instructional Fusions blog post.




.....Still looking try WebTools4u2Use - Presentations.




Copyright Concerns:

  • Make sure to cite any images, video or audio you use.
  • If using an artist's song, please limit it to 30 seconds per song. 
  • You can piece together songs or use copyright free audio.

Suggestions for locating images and audio for your projects.  Remember to attribute each with either a URL or MLA citation.

Find Images (royalty free or Creative Commons License)
Creative Commons Search
Flickr Creative Commons
Wikimedia Commons
Morgue File
Find  Audio (royalty free downloadable)
Free Play Music
Purple-Planet Music
Incompetech Music








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