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World War II

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Library Catalog:

For general books about World War II, search World War 1939-1945 as the subject:

Search using the last names for famous people.

Search for battles by keyword or  try typing: World War 1939-1945 battles and hit enter.

To find a book on the shelf note availability, call number and title.  The nonfiction books are in the room closest to the quad.


Reference Books:

A great place for ABC book creators to start their research is with one of our World War II encyclopedias (these list WWII events in ABC order).  These encyclopedias are in the Reference room starting at call number REF 940.53


First, you will need to login to the subscription databases using the username and password on the back of your ID card

World Book Online:

You might consider using World Book Online for its authoritative signed articles complete with citations.  Most articles also have photos. World Book is also includes many primary sources, look at the right sidebar after searching for your topic.


Good starting place for sensory figures and Children's books. For the ABC book assignment it might help to search for World War II and then click under the Related Information, Encyclopedia Articles to get an ABC listing of related WWII articles.  See example below.





Proquest includes The History Study Center and SIRS Decades, two of our best history resources .   Much of the information is primary source. 

After entering the username and password to login, click on the either database to begin your research. 


SIRS Decades does not provide preformatted citations.  Here is an example of a cited work from SIRS Decades.

Truman, Harry S. "Truman Recalls MacArthur." National Archives and Records Administration,

       11 Apr. 1951. ProQuest SIRS Decades.


In History Study Center, look for  "Cite This" at the top of your document; you may need to do some editing but the citation information is there and in the correct order. 



Includes American Government, American History, Daily Life Through History, Issues, Pop Culture Universe, World at War. World Geography and World History.  Search the databases one at a time or all at once.   Primary source documents and photos. Citation information available for articles.

Britannica Annals of American History:

A print reference source (Ref 974 ANNALS) gone digital.  All primary source documents.  Difficult to search, browse by time periods if keywords don't work. Citation information available.

Salem History:

Salem Press, a book publisher has made many of it's reference books available online. Once you are at the site, click on the Remote Login tab and enter the PHS database password.  MLA citation information available.  You will need to register to send or save articles but this is a quick and easy process.


History and biography databases.  Very easy to read. Includes pictures and citations.  Not all topics covered.


The two general periodical databases allow powersearching via the widgets below.  However some of their databases are not accessible via powersearch, see specifics below.

Gale Power Search



Research databases



Try the Student Research Center; search by topic (History) or by keyword.  Full-text secondary and primary sources with MLA citations. Use the login and password on your ID card.  For more in depth searches use EBSCOhost Don't forget to try the Biography Reference Center for Sensory Figures,  you must search this separately.



Gale allows you to do a powersearch across 5 databases at once. Narrow down your results by looking at the Subject headings or doing an Advanced Search with boolean logic.   Gale includes MLA citations at the end of their articles.


Discovery Education:

This digital media site which contains many, many pictures as well as video clips, complete with MLA citations.  

To access it you will need to login with your novell username  and password.


Internet Resources

Need some evaluated web resources try Sweet Search, if you don't find what you want they have a option to google as well.


Use Noodletools to site websites.  Or follow this template to create your website citation:

Author(s). "Title of Article/Page." Other Contributor(s). Name of Website, Publisher, Date of Publication, URL. Accessed Date.




Citation Help

Unsure of how  to cite your book , reference work, or picture?  Take a look at the examples on the MLA Help Center

Or try Noodletools.




German Soldiers During the assault on Stalingrad. IRC,  2005. Discovery Education. Accessed 1 March 2017.
Fighter Vapour Trails Crisscross the London Sky. 6 Sept. 1940. History World War II, BBC, www.bbc.co.uk/history/worldwars/wwtwo/. Accessed 27 Feb. 2017.


 Yamahata, Yosuke. "Nagasaki Journey: 6." 10 Aug. 1945. Remembering Nagasaki. 12 Mar. 2009. www.exploratorium.edu/nagasaki/journey/journey6.html. Accessed 1 Mar. 2016



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