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World War One ABC Book

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World History                 2018                   WWI ABC Book Project Assignment Description


Encyclopedias are a good place to start for almost any research assignment.  We have print Encyclopedias in the Reference Room (L2).

World Book Online  is the PUSD online encyclopedia. Its authoritative with signed articles and complete MLA citations.  Most articles also have photos. For this ABC book assignment it might help to search for the World War I article and then click on the Related Information across the top, Look at Encyclopedia Articles to get an ABC listing of related WWI articles.  See example below.



Search the library catalog for books and evaluated websites.  Login (top right corner of catalog, username=ID#, password = last name) for access to the websites.

  • For general books about World War One, try typing the subject heading,  World War, 1914-1918 or search with the words World War One or World War 1.


  • Another great place to start your research is with one of our World War I encyclopedias (these list WWI events in ABC order in their Index).  These encyclopedias are in the Reference room starting at call number REF 940.3.


To find a book on the shelf note availability, call number and title.  The nonfiction books are in the room closest to the quad. 


While your class is visiting the library we will have a cart of WWI books pulled for your use. Check the cart before looking in either the Reference Room or nonfiction area.


Unsure of how  to cite your book or reference book?  Take a look at the examples on our MLA Help Center

Or try Noodletools.



First, you will need to login to the subscription databases using the username and password on the back of your ID card.



This is a good choice for history research. We subscribe to two databases that will be useful: History Study Center and SIRS Decades.  Both will have information on WWI.  Much of the information is primary source. 


History Study Center is an excellent resource with basic information and pictures..Click on "Cite this for the MLA citation.

SIRS Decades covers the US during the 1900s.  One easy way to search is to type in World War (1914 - 1918) and click on subject headings. You can also click on the 1910 decade at the top of the page and browse from there.  Once you locate a document or article, to find citation information click on Source.




Try either the History Reference Center and Explora .  Both have MLA citations, primary source documents and images/photos.  The History Reference Center also offers video footage.


EBSCO also has a new ebook library.  Click on the link to access ebooks about World War I.  You will need to login with the username and password on your ID card.  Once you have the books, look at the indexes for A - Z terms and then go to the correct page number in the book for the fulltext and images.  MLA citations included for all books.



We have 9 ABC-CLIO databases.  Make sure to use the World at War for this assignment.  If you go to Advanced Search and click on both World War I and Media you will get an alphabetical list of over 900 images related to WWI ready to download and with MLA citations.





Britannica ImageQuest

All rights cleared images.  MLA citations included for all pictures.


Discovery Education

A digital media site which contains many, many pictures as well as video clips, complete with MLA citations.  

To access it sign in with your Novell login.



Internet Resources

  "Every Web site in SweetSearch has been evaluated by our research experts" of librarians and teachers. 


WWI sites in Alphabetical Order

  • 1914-1918 Online:  International scholarly encyclopedia of World War I.  Use this alphabetical list of articles and then click on the link for credible information.
  • An A to Z of WW I - by Chris Trueman a British history teacher.

Other WWI Internet Resources:


Citation Tools and Evaluating

Remember you need to cite your sources, including all pictures/charts graphs.

Noodletools is the districtwide citation builder.  You might also visit the MLA Help Center and review the examples.


Remember if you are using a source not recommended on this page, you will need to complete a CARS web evaluation for the website.

CARS Template


CARS Evaluation explained Prezi style.



Archduke Franz Ferdinand. 28 June 1914. UPI/Bettman Newsphotos. World Book Advanced.

All About W.S.S. What They Are?...Why Should I Buy Them... 1917. National Archives and Records Administration. SIRS Decades.

The Peace Conference at Versailles. 1919. IRC.
Discovery Education.

Sargent, John Singer. Gassed. 1919. International Encyclopedia of the First World War, 1914-1918-Online, encyclopedia.1914-1918-online.net/article/  gas_warfare. Accessed 26 Oct. 2017.





  Updated 23 October 2017.



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