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DECADES in US History

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How tos:


Noodletools - Use for citing your resources MLA style.


Mr. McKee's Decades assignment



Search the library catalog using the names of the decades e.g. 1940s or look for topics like racism, immigration, women.


Browse the 973s and 305s of both the nonfiction shelves and the reference room.



Our subscription databases require that you login with the username and password on the back of your ID card. Databases are good places to start your research as they contain evaluated, credible, curriculum oriented sources.  All have citation information, most have copy and paste MLA citations available.



SIRS Decades
EBSCO History





Annals of American History EBSCO ebooks

Gale Virtual

Reference Library

World Book Online



Primary sources, includes multimedia. Key word search with limiters or click on decade across top and then browse topics in sidebar.

Citation information given under Source link.  Sample citation below:

"The 1920s: Harlem Renaissance." SIRS Decades. Proquest, 2012. Web. 29 Apr. 2012.

Of the 9 databases, make sure to try American History (click on Eras tab at top to browse) or Pop Culture Universe (click on Decades tab at top to browse).

MLA citations at bottom of articles.

Search by decade (e.g. "1930s") for articles or browse by clicking United States History and mining down through time periods.

MLA citations.

Reference ebooks.  Contains Decades (1930s - 1990s) multiple volume sets.  You must register to email or save.  All articles have MLA citations.
All pictures.  Includes MLA citations. Easy search interface.  Try  1950s cars/ All primary source documents.  Clumsy search engine, browse by decade.  MLA citation provided.  We have the print books in the Reference Room (L2), Call number: REF 973 ANNALS. A collection of over 200,000 online books. Read online or download to your mobile device. Navigate using table of contents or index.  MLA citation provided.

This library is a collection of reference books now online. We own these titles in print and on GVRL.

American Decades  (REF 973.9 AME)      

American Decades: Primary Sources (REF 973.9 AME)

Bowling, Beatniks, and Bell-Bottoms: Pop Culture of 20th-Century American (REF 306 BOW) 

Social History of the United States  (REF 306 SOC) 
Good if you are looking for a specific topic/person e.g. Henry Ford or Vietnam War.  Difficult to search by decades.  Many pictures, maps, charts and primary sources.  MLA citations.

Excellent source for primary source photographs,

complete with MLA citations.  

Login with your Novell Login.



Internet Resources:

Need some evaluated web resources try Sweet Search, if you don't find what you want they have a option to google as well.





The Guggenheim Museum, Preliminary Version, 1943. Little Rock Central High 1947   1959 pattern John F. Kennedy Campaign Button, 1960 Bert and Ernie Sandra Day O'Connor
The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, Scottsdale, AZ. from the 40th anniversary website from Sensibility.com From Authentic History

From American Cultural History 1970s, 

Kingwood College

Infoplease Decades


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