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Humanities Reading Group Research

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Getting Started 

  • Select high quality resources. Evaluate all for authority, accuracy, audience/agenda, and currency.

Encyclopedias are great places to start your research.  is an authoritative source that you can use as an entry point for your research.  Also contains primary source information for topics, see the right sidebar after your search.  MLA citation information at the bottom of the article.




  • Another online Encyclopedia worth taking a look at for this assignment is Atlapedia Online. This Australian based encyclopedia atlas combination provides facts, figures and statistical information about countries.


Discovery Search

This is a mega super search.  EBSCO provides this resource to search our catalog and databases all at once. Many colleges and universities use similar tools.  It is a good way to get started but takes much practice to get the solid results you would get from searching each database separately. Please note that there are databases that Discovery does not cover, primarily the Proquest databases.  One of the perks of Discovery is being able to save the citation directly to Noodletools.





Includes Daily Life Through History, Issues, World at War. Modern Genocide and World History.  Search the databases one at a time or all at once.   Citation inforarch by topic, keyword and date.  Citation information provided.  Dictionary of American History is included in this database but is a tertiary, not primary source.



Powersearch in EBSCO. Login with username and password on your ID card.

To see MLA citation information: email, save or print.


Research databases



Powersearch across multiple databases. Narrow down your results by looking at the Subject headings or doing an Advanced Search with boolean logic. 

MLA citation information at bottom of each source.


Login with username = powayhigh and password that is on your ID card. This is an academic source with complete access to journal articles that are often found in Google Scholar search results.  If you find an article that is particularly good, try using the 'Find Similar Articles' search on the right side of the article you found,  MLA citation information provided but make sure to edit for format.


Proquest History Study Center

Broad study units and more specific reference, map, journal and primary source documents. 

Click on the "Cite this to get to the MLA citation. You can set up an account and save to your own archive or email articles for future reference.



  • Search the library catalog using the names of the decades e.g. 1920s or look for topics like racism, immigration, women.
  • Browse the 973s and 305s of both the nonfiction shelves and the reference room.
  • Reference Print History Encyclopedias- These are all multiple volume sets.  Use the index or table of contents to access information.

          Culturegrams: the Nations around Us.  REF 390 CULTURGRAMS

          Islamic World: Past and Present    REF 909 ISLAMIC

          Lands and Peoples  REF 910 LANDS

          Worldmark Encyclopedia of Cultures and Daily Life   REF 305.8 WORLDMARK

          Worldmark Encyclopedia of the Nations   REF 903 WORLD


Additional Reference Books are available online via Gale Virtual Reference Library (you will need to login with username on the back of your ID card):


Some of the Reference Books available in ebook form are:

Countries and Culture

Encyclopedia of Food and Culture

Worldmark Encyclopedia of Religious Practices


Internet Resources





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