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Of Mice and Men

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Table of Contents


John Steinbeck 


Great Depression


Migrant Workers



Try various words for the area such as California's Central Valley, San Joaquin Valley, Salinas, Spreckels Ranch, etc.


Citing your Sources


Sample Citations in Noodletools


Evaluating your Sources

For any source you use other than those that have been evaluated for you on this page, please complete a CARS worksheet.

CARS Prezi

CARS Worksheet  This is a Google Docs Template.  Go to File, Make a Copy and Rename so that you can fill it out.  Make sure to share the worksheet.  Add the completed worksheet link to your Noodletools citation in the Annotation field.


Primary Sources


  • "Firsthand testimony or direct evidence concerning a topic under investigation" (Yale University Library Primary Sources Research Colloquium).
  • "Work that was written (or produced) at a time that is contemporary or nearly contemporary to the period or subject being studied" (Cantor and Schneider, How to Study History). For example using Dorothea Lange's Migrant Mothers (1936) photographs to visualize the effect of the Great Depression on Californian families.


Primary Source Formats:

  • Oral transmissions: speeches, music, interview, ballads, legends.
  • Written transmissions: diaries, letters, newspapers, census data, laws, government documents.
  • Visually transmitted sources:  photographs, cartoons, videos, architecture, artifacts, maps.


Most of the subscription databases and the Internet resources listed on this page contain primary sources. 



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